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Past Horses

Casablanca MemoryCasablanca Memory earned many top placings through Intermediate when I was as a young rider. I trained Sammy from just off the track to Intermediate on my own with lessons mainly from Jim Wofford and Karen O’Connor. This mare taught me the meaning of ‘Heart’, she was not the best mover and at best an “unorthodox jumper” but gave me her all and then some. Our first sign that something was wrong was when she began to stop on cross country. Little did we know then, that she had developed systemic lymphoma. She was put down fall of 2000.


Picture of Delia from Pine TopLet’s Get it Right (barn name: Delia) competed through Advanced. She was the 1st horse that I learned how to break. Delia was sold away and unfortunately was poorly treated by her new owner; an inexperienced rider and the trusting horse were a poor combination. She was flipped over XC fences and her trust was broken. I purchased her and spent many years learning how to retrain a fractious chestnut Thoroughbred mare with major trust issues and limitless athleticism. She eventually overcame most of her emotional and mental limitations to run through Advanced successfully. Retired due to an injury, she is now a broodmare with two wonderful boys on the ground, her eldest is CR (Covert Rights), to whom she has passed on her drive and intelligence.


During the same period, trained a rescue horse, Patriot Rye through Preliminary, and leased him to multiple students as a Preliminary packer. Rye has been retired due to age related infirmities. I was involved with the development and instruction of multiple young riders through the ‘A’ level in pony club and international Intermediate levels on multiple horses, some of which were rescues. These students had many top placings at preliminary and intermediate.


I also trained, My Fair Lady III, through Preliminary level. Due to time constraints at the time because of the birth of my first daughter, she was retired as a broodmare. She has a phenomenal boy on the ground by BFF In Disguise.


Mandala, (barn name: Michael), 1997, Bay 16.3 hand ISH TB gelding was imported by former owner from Ireland and developed some physical and mental issues with her. Picture of Michael from 2007 at a richard lamb clinicAfter her decision that the situation was not improving she transferred ownership to me. His physical issues are well managed with frequent Chiropractic adjustments and consistent, correct work for his hindquarter strength. With the attention to his physical issues, his mental issues began to correct themselves. He competed at Preliminary with me, while preparing my working student for her ‘A’ rating and her National competition in Show Jumping. Having decided that Michael would be happier in the show ring, he is now owned by Jessica Ganske, my previous head girl, who is his absolute match.


Colleen and Dillon, MCTA 2010, Photographed by Beth Collier Dillon, 1997, Dark bay ISH gelding, 16.3 hand gelding was imported by a professional from Ireland as a 4 year old and competed to training but never completed a clear event at training due to physical and mental difficulties. He was deposited at a rescue for tax write off purposes under the advice of a well respected vet who offered the opinion that he might make a nice trail horse eventually. After a phone call from the director of HorseNet, we picked him up and began his lengthy rehabilitation. It took six months of retraining and physical rehabilitation with intensive attention to Chiropractic adjustments and saddle fit for his mental state to begin to correct. Dillon began his career with me as a school horse for one of my students; when she opted out of the lease I began riding him, moving up through the levels and with numerous top ten placings at Preliminary thru Advanced; he is proved himself to be a top competitor. Dillon has taken many working students to their upper levels in Pony Club. Dillon earned top 20 finish in first CCI 2* at Jersey Fresh in the spring of 2008 and a top 15 placing at Fair Hill out of 82 starters in the fall of 2008, and moved up to the Advanced level in 2009 with many top placings including a win at Pine Top. Even though his allergies began to become troublesome, he had a top 10 finish at Jersey Fresh CCI 3* in the spring of 2010, and concluded his upper level career being crowned reserve champion at Fair Hill CCI 2* in the fall of 2010. He now enjoys partial retirement looking for the right person to give experience to, while keeping Grandma Sallie fit to help ride the others.

The Chronicle of the Horse wrote article about first Dillon win at Advanced Event which he won at Pine Top.
Flickr Channel Colleen Rutledge Eventing    YouTube Channel Colleen Rutledge Eventing

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