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Read about Colleen’s approach in horse training, her philosophy and future for her horses.

I have a belief that there are many great horses that simply need the tools to unlock their true potential. All of the horses that I have ever bought for myself have in one way or another not lived up to their potential with the previous owners. I allow a horse to tell me what their limitations are and I believe in their abilities implicitly. I have a great, creative mind and truly enjoy finding the solutions to physical and mental puzzles that are the horses that find me. We use a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, and some creative gymnastic dressage movements along with classic riding principles. I feel that it is not enough to teach my horses how to react properly, but to teach my students how to concisely judge a situation thereby actively riding their horses instead of passively taking a ride. Teach horses to learn how to appropriately act in different situations, and make it their responsibility to think on their feet.

I have always been a goal-oriented person. At eight years old, I set a goal for myself to achieve my ‘A’ rating. I achieved that in the fall of my pony club graduating year. I have a myriad of international experiences. I was selected to the international games team in 1991 which competed in Canada. I was one of the youngest members ever selected. I spent 4 years on the international mounted games team, USMGA, and competed all over Europe. I was on the only team to ever place second in the world MGA Championships on borrowed ponies; we managed that feat for two consecutive years. During that time, I also competed in all disciplines in pony club, qualifying for the national competition in every discipline. I, with my teammates, had won the national pony club competition on numerous occasions, in different disciplines. Multiple years I competed in two disciplines at the same National competition.

I will continue to ask the questions of my horses that we all wish to know. Questions such as Can you give me more, Where are your weaknesses, and How can I assist you to be your best. I will never stop my learning and my quest for improvement will continue to expand.

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