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In the spring of 2013 Colleen and her international partner Shiraz (Luke) became the first pair to complete five of the six CCI4* eventing events in the world. Badminton (UK), Kentucky (USA), Luhmülen (GER), Pau (FRA) and Burghley (UK) have all been conquered by the bold jumping American Thoroughbred.

Eventing (or sometimes referred to as Horse Trials) combines different disciplines in one competition and is run on a cumulative penalty basis. It is also one of a handful of sports where men and women compete on equal terms and the genuine amateur can compete against a world or Olympic champion. It’s take discipline, determination, courage and patience to become eventer. – Dictionary

“I have always been a goal-oriented person. At eight years old, I set a goal for myself to achieve my Pony Club ‘A’ rating, which I did in the fall of my final year. Pony Club gave me my first taste of international competition. I was one of the youngest members ever selected to the international games team in 1991 which competed in Canada. I spent four years on the international mounted games team (USMGA), and competed all over Europe. Our teams are the only ones to ever place second in the world MGA Championships on borrowed ponies, a feat we achieved for two consecutive years. During that time, I also competed in all disciplines in Pony Club, qualifying for the national competition in every discipline. I, with my teammates, won the national Pony Club competition on numerous occasions, in different disciplines. Multiple years I competed in two disciplines at the same National competition.” – Colleen Rutledge


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