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June 10, 2011

After the excitement of Jersey and the leftover ecstatic spasms from Kentucky, I was told to take a vacation, go to the beach, do something normal. Stop laughing. I know, vacay? Who me? Normal IS running as fast as I can all the time, I took all of my time off in July and August of last year (Oklahoma?!?) AND how can I stop now? This is fun! So, my concession to the Woff was to not compete for two weekends. Well, the ponies came back and were ready to Roll at Waredaca! CR and Beau-girl were first up on Saturday. Training level, old hat for CR and first time for B-G. CR was meh. Not great, not horrible. Meh dressage, and one rail in SJ, and some time on XC because I went for a Sunday stroll. B-G tried really hard in her dressage test, but a few major bobbles took some of our good points. Her SJ was her best yet, forward and rideable. XC was a complete surprise. She was FABULOUS! Came out of the box looking for her fences, galloped down to the ditch, one trot step, and boom, back on course! She finished strong and so proud of herself! Wizzie and Bananabelle were up next on Sunday morning. Which, thank goodness, was overcast almost all day. Wizzie put in a workman like test, one of his least good SJ (he got rattled coming in to the outside line and pulled two rails, and then tipped the last). XC he redeemed himself, but had a lot of time. The time was quite tight and I opted to take some of the longer options. Bananabelle came out with her big girl pants on, pulled a 29 in dressage, double clean in SJ and her fasted time ever on XC, only 11 seconds over time, in a class where only two made time. Amazingly, they both ended up fourth in separate divisions! Sammy and Elyse’s Tiki were in the novice divisions. Both had very decent dressage tests, good SJ and good XC. Thank goodness, Elyse checked scores as she came back from XC, as they mistakenly gave TIki 7 time penalties in SJ. Just a score entry mistake, which was easily rectified. But as I was waiting for that to resolve, I noticed that there was a mistake with sammy’s XC time. Optimum time was 5:20 and the tried to say that it took me 6 min flat to run the course. Not on Sammy the speed demon. It’s always good to listen to what’s going on around you because as I had finished on the course, the timers were conversing about a malfunction with the timing machine. I made my inquiry and luckily the TD had been watching my round and agreed that it was highly unlikely that I was slow. Not that it changed much, but he didn’t deserve the points on his score. All in all a very good weekend, with fabulous learning experiences for everyone. Nina achieved one of her goals, a sub-thirty dressage test. She pulled a 27! Then the best SJ round she’s ever ridden. Unfortunately, not being quite aggressive enough at the ditch caused a couple of stops, but two out of three phases improved! Mara had her best SJ as well, a little quick, but she is riding with her mare so much better, and the an uncharacteristic stop on XC, or shall we say, Rose did her job by staying between Mara and the ground, which caused them to veer out from the second angled fence. Ooops! Margo is truly learning a partnership with Eli and once they click, they’ll be a force of nature- unstoppable.

Now, for exciting news! Based on Luke’s performance at Kentucky, we are attempting to travel to BURGHLEY!!! We’ve put our application in, we are fundraising like demons, and have firmly entrenched ourselves in dressage boot camp. It is going to take an exorbitant amount of money to send us, but I’m so excited just to be considering the trip. Now, we just hope that we are one of the lucky ones who is allowed to go, as there are only a certain number of spots for international riders. Crossed fingers and all that, away we go!


Parting with delusion is such sweet sorrow.

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